A must-have for your coffee table, Macrophant 3D is filled with images that you'll want to view over and over again. Barry Rothstein has perfected the macro phantogram capture technique and Jim McManus excels at eliminating the unwanted color shadows that so often are present in anaglyph 3D images. The result is a collection of images that jump up in space above the page like holograms. This book will fascinate everyone and will inspire other stereo photographers to get out and try something new.

Gene Chao
Tucson, AZ, USA

Macrophant 3D – Dazzling Work – Best money I’ve spent on anything in a long time

If I told you that I thought this was the best produced book of new 3-D imagery I’ve come across in 40 years of collecting, would you hold it against me? (My all-time favorite book is, of course, Brian May’s DIABLERIES: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell).

The word that keeps coming back to me is: dazzling. You two have done an amazing job with this project. I will lose many, many productive hours as I wander through this garden of visual delights. Best money I’ve spent on anything in a long time.

Joe Pedoto, Stratford, CT

What a fun book! The images in Macrophant 3D appear to pop right off the page and offer details typically not noticed by the naked eye. A very enjoyable experience. Leave this book on your coffee table to share with friends and relatives. The wire binding makes it easy to lay the large volume flat on a table or your lap. Because the anaglyph images are viewed through colored glasses, which darken the pictures (much like wearing sunglasses), these photos are best viewed in bright light. Look at them in direct sunlight and you’ll feel like you’re peeking over Barry’s shoulder, seeing the real thing. In case you’d like to try your own hand at this mysterious art form, there’s even a section explaining how these magical images are created.

—David Tank, Menomonie, WI. Wisconsin Wildflowers in 3D and The Magic of 3D Photography